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Abby & Wyndham Take Toronto

The adventures of. Our end of summer bucket list is quickly coming to a finish…

You can see some pictures from our big city adventures – specifically Centre Island – right here!

Until the next. XO

Toronto Island Hits The Spot

Boat Rides



In these last few precious days of summer, I can’t help but look forward to fall. Autumn would be my favourite time of year if we had the long days of sunlight that come with the summer.

That’s the one thing that truly makes my heart ache a little with the change of seasons (from summer to fall). When the daylight hours start to trickle down and it starts to get dark earlier. Soon, we’ll be trying to get dinner on the table earlier so we can still get in a walk or a trip to the park before it gets dark.

Summer always seems so short and winter is so, so long. I try to remember that whenever I get a hankering for fall. I also try to pack in as much outdoor activities during the last days of August as I can. I think many mothers must do this. Right?

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