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It’s That Time of Year Again: Unleashed in The Apple Orchard


00 If I can make something healthy in keeping it still taste absolutely delicious, you bet I’m going to do it. Because why wouldn’t I? Since discovering that I’m dancing with the onset of diabetes (Genetically predisposed out the ying yang), I did a lot of research and discovered that no wheat, grains (therefore gluten), legumes, dairy or refined sugar for this girl would be a smart choice for me. A paleo diet all the way.  The paleo way of eating is the best kind of diet to manage/treat diabetes through treating food as medicine. It was hard at first and I still have my cravings and I ‘cheat’ a couple times a month — but for the most part I feel the best I have since, well…pretty much ever.

The added bonus is that we’ve been refined sugar-free for a couple years now, (again — there are still treats the kids consume now and then outside the home – we’re not zealots about it). I’ve always felt good about the food I dish up for my family and I’m in love with raw desserts these days. The least amount of time that the oven is turned on this summer — the better. BBQ grilling action and raw food/desserts all the way.

Abby and Wyndham are especially keen on helping me create deliciousness in the kitchen, as most kids are. As long as I do the leg-work and prep things up (pre-measure, etc.) it’s less ruckus/stress and more fun for all involved. One might call this type of activity a Montessori, practical life exercise. Or a Reggio Emilia style parenting activity or a Waldorf one. I’m trying to stay away from parenting labels of recent and just call everything we do together LIVING.

Living and parenting. Having fun. Including my kids in the everyday stuff that needs to be done and not treating them like obstacles that are in my way, slowing me down. Well, for the most part. It’s not like they are helping me make dinner every night. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

What did teaching one’s child to cook get called before all of these terms and labels came along anyways? All of this from a devout lover of the Montessori and Waldorf methods/teachings. So you’ll probably still find activities of these types down the road – but just to be clear, I dig it all…minus the pretentious bull-hooey that I find tends to happen within all of the labelling. Although there are a few whom I find incredibly inspiring, living and learning by what they are inspired by — what they feel connected to. Like my friend Meghan. You should check out her blog Milkweed Montessori. Great ideas and beautiful writing from mama of a toddler and aspiring Montessori teacher.

Another key component to our summer of eating many a raw dessert is our recent acquisition of a vitamix. Oh hells yes it’s worth it. A green smoothie made in a regular blender VS. a vitamix? Night and day in consistency and taste. That horsepower motor and top notch engineering makes all the difference. I’ve blasted through numerous blenders over the years and when the last one bit the dust, I knew our next one was going to be a cadillac. With all of the nut butters, smoothies, nut flours, sauces and raw desserts I’ve been getting into – the horsepower is necessary. If you’re just making daily smoothies — maybe not, but still. 

A smoothie made in a vitamix will always be smoother, creamier. Especially if you a nut and seed enthusiast. I put that shit in everything. Including our smoothies. There is no chewing through a vitamix smoothie and, no I am not getting paid to endorse the shizznit out of the vitamix, (but I should be). 

They really are just THAT good. 

So. When one has a vitamix, one blends avocado and ripe bananas and a bunch of other stuff with the best raw cacao and Mexican vanilla you can find to make pudding pops that would rival any of the white sugar, preservative and food coloured laden, powdered pudding variety. One might think that this is obvious from my description on the latter — but I know some peeps think that pre-fab desserts are the bomb diggs and that raw and/or paleo desserts are probably nasty. In truth, yes they sometimes can be. But once you embrace nut flours and do some of that preliminary experimentation, your mouth becomes a most willing participant and very happy body part.

This creamy pudding is versatile too. We love it chilled, as is or with fresh raspberries and mint tossed in. I can’t quite decipher if the kids like it better as the frozen pudding pops or pudding squeezee pouches. Not like they need to decide on one anyways, it’s all delicious. And all healthy. Get the recipe after the jump!



Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine – my new blogging partner Jennifer Podemski. Below is a video that we did (mostly) on the fly. Poke around the new layout – if you’re a previous friend of le petit reve, you’ll see some of the same and quite a bit of new. New categories, new breath, new life.

Jen is well familiar with being behind the camera – I however, am not. Which you will quickly discover, although we’ve been told that we have a good dynamic. The video is a lot longer than we intentioned and truth be told it’s been edited down. The ‘experts’ say that if we want to engage audiences new and old with blog videos, or vlogging as the official term apparently is…that we’re supposed to keep it short and sweet.

Clearly nothing short going on here. So please, tell us in the comments if you’d like to see more of the long or if you think we should pare things down a bit with our future vlogs; something of which we look forward to doing a lot more of! As we get more confident with letting the veil drop and converse as we would without a camera pointed in our direction…we’re hoping the content appeals to you as much as it does to us.


It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Gorgeous day, gorgeous kids, gorgeous man. Pumpkins everywheres.

I’m also loving photography pretty hard these days. My favourite subjects are food and fam. That’s my jam. Damn I’m such a nerd. Hope you enjoy a peek at my darlings!


So do all kids love apple picking? Is it just a thing? I think so. I remember I did. A few minutes on any apple farm and you will hear the tell-tale signs of joy. Little people joy. Shouts of excitement, leaving swishing under the scurry of little feet anxious to pick and eat as many apples as their parents will let them.

I usually cut mine off at four, lest I want their joy to quickly turn into a tummy ache on the ride home.

Which, is the farthest thought from their mind when they’re running around like apple-drunk miniature hooligans, on the cusp of yet another autumn. Yet another winter. I’d have to say some of our top traditions as a family involve food in one way or another. Strawberry picking, apple picking and pumpkin picking have quickly turned into excursions that Wyndham now has fond memories of.

It’s a monumental development (to me), when a child can start to remember stuff like that. Where the traditions we’re building aren’t just for us anymore. When our kid(s) start to really get it, when they start to remember how the seasons change and the special things we do as a family; it sets in. The realization that this is it. I’m building memories for my kids and myself too.

It’s in the way they grow each year. To be able to go back and reminisce, to compare photos of each apple picked by chubby little hands, each obligatory brother/sister pose. It’s pretty to special. To me, anyways.

A look…at this year’s apple picking and the last…

Babble Readers Wild Things Giveaway! CLOSED


You made it! Exciting stuff. We’ll get straight to it. Entering into the giveaway is as easy as following 3 simple steps. You could be the lucky winner of a $100 value card to choose anything you’d like in Kirsty Hartley’s Etsy shop, Wild Things Dresses!

  • Like Wild Things Dresses  – and –  le petit reve on Facebook!

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That’s it! The winner will be chosen by Kirtsy herself – that way I’m completely out of it. This giveaway is open to all Canadian, US and international residents. Ends Friday October 4, 2013 12 PM EDT.

Kirsty will be choosing based on the quality of the comment and that the entrant followed all of the steps!

I will announce the winner here on Saturday morning, the 5th of October.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Cat Cape


It began years ago, this far-off, forbidden dream that I would live a life steeped in the ways of my people. Now, as I scroll through image after image from this past weekend, a continued awakening rises from a deep, dark place of confusion and hurt that I had buried (unsuccessfully), of so long.

A new kind of happiness has centred itself into my life; one that can only come from living the good life and the realization that finally, finally I am on that road. 

Turning Dinner Into a Game and Art: Literally

When one has toddlers, they’re willing to do pretty much anything to get them to eat more than ketchup sandwiches.

Not everyday, these picky little eaters will indeed survive without eating a balanced meal on the steady, 3 times a day. Trying to make that happen will/can get tiring pretty quick.

However, there are some things you can, on occasion that will boost their love for simple, healthy foods (without all the toddler ‘frills’ = dips and condiments) for all those times in between. I recently came up with this simple, fun dinnertime activity that was a total hit with my kids…

Abby & Wyndham Take Toronto

The adventures of. Our end of summer bucket list is quickly coming to a finish…

You can see some pictures from our big city adventures – specifically Centre Island – right here!

Until the next. XO

4 Sleeps Till Mexico: Baby,Toddler & Family Checklist

Whut whuuuuuut.

Lately I’ve teetering on this edge of a precipice leading to doom. The kind of doom that smells distinctly of burning. Or rather burn-out. Which is why I can barely contain my anticipation to borad a plane bound for the Riviera Mayan. It’s our first vacation as a family of four. It’s the first time the mister and I have ever ben to an all inclusive resort together. So thanks sister-in-law for having a destination wedding!

Packing up for a week of sun and sand with two littles is no easy feat, that which I can more or less glean. We’ve packed up our van many a time fore more local road-tripping, camping or touring with the mister with his band when accommodations and locations allow. This trip however – logically calls for some extra special organizing and planning. Which should all start from a list, right?

Lists are shiny, golden paths to success. For those who don’t know that…y’all get with the program! So, this shall be my own personal list that I share with all of you momma’s out there who are about to embark on a similar journey with smalls in tow.

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