And Everyone, Even The Toddlers, Loved Them: Turkey Hemp Burgers

Hemp you say? Yea mon. Hemp hearts to be precise. Instead of bread-crumbs my friends. I’m all over nutritious, low-carb alternatives. For starters, they are a plant based protein. Omega and fibre rich; hemp hearts contain essential fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3 and both soluble and insoluble fiber. They’re also loaded with vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E.


Now, traditionally – peeps usually eat hemp hearts or seeds on oatmeal or stirred into yogurt; generally being a breakfast food item. I first experimented with using hemp hearts instead of bread crumbs when making a meatloaf a while back. It did the job. Plain and simple.

If you’re a regular reader of my recipes – you’ll know that I often mix things up in kitchen in the interest of creating healthier, yet still fabulous tasting versions of the foods we love.

So. Turkey burgers.

(I’ve also used them to make beef burgers and bison burgers (we like burgers around here). Which yes, all were yum.) Today though – I’m all about the turkey, just so I can show you how something ridiculously good for you can taste ridiculously fabulous too.

It’s all in the love aded in. True story. Oh, and the grilling and the addition of cheese.

This is a last minute, week-night dinner that you can whip up in under 20 minutes, (see more #20minutedinner ideas), including the cooking time if you’re quick on your feet. Just remember to take your meat out of the freezer in the morning and you’ll be good to go later…

*Serves 6 or 4, depending if you have a couple of burger lovers who eat 2! We always have leftover for lunch the next day, since our toddlers split one…


 We purchase local meat from here and these are our preferred thin buns, of choice. Maybe one day I’ll get to making my own, not there yet.

Heat grill to medium/high. Mince the garlic and onions. Wash and finely chop the thyme and parsley. Toss in a medium sized bowl. Add in the ground turkey, hemp hearts, egg, salt, pepper, mustard, Franks and brown english stuff. Set aside.

Tear off a few sheets of parchment paper to line your grilling plate with and for in between the layers of burgers, especially if your entertaining or have a bigger family and making a double batch of these bad boys.

Nothing but your hands will knead it all together better. Get to it. Make ye some sexy looking patties (you should get about 6 good sized ones), and lay them out on your lined plate, 2 layers of patties if need be. Place patties on the hottest part of the grill; sear until browned, 1 to 2 minutes per side. Turn down the heat to medium/low and continue grilling 5 to 10 minutes per side, adding the cheese on top in the last couple of minutes until melted. That’s it! Keep your meat thermometer handy – you always want to make sure turkey is cooked properly, but not over-cooked or else they’ll be dry and everyone will wish they were eating a big juicy beef burger like normal people. Master this and you’ll show them who’s boss.

Totally optional: the addition of some sort of steamed/slightly grilled on the BBQ greens. Local beans and broccoli in butter, salt, pepper and lemon is easy, and seasonal eats in Ontario right now. Grilled sweet potato rounds or simple salads are also a popular addition around here to this dinner-time favourite.

You may have noted my love for this avocado “mayo” I stumbled upon creating a while back. Tastes damn amazing on these burgers. No white mayo necessary. Sliced avocados would do well on these too. As would caramelized mushrooms and onions under the melted cheese. Or roasted red peppers and blue cheese. Toppings are up to you! Play around and have tasty fun with it! Beer should most definitely be involved, I’m crushing on KLB Raspberry Wheat Beer these days. Not what you think (as in not overly sweet). EAT! DRINK! Grill More!

Until the next. xo


  1. Reply
    Krishann 25/06/2013

    I saw this on facebook and had to come over and tell you how delicious these look. Your IG feed has me always wanting to eat and wishing I could get down in the kitchen.

  2. Reply

    Seriously girl, you are a culinary goddess! I could learn a thing or three from you :).

  3. Reply
    Kate from OneBagger 08/09/2017

    This is the first time I have heard of hemp burger and it looks delicious. Gonna try it soon.

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