#RealMamaLife: May They Be Messy

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Where we embrace the glory and humour in the chaos. Un-staged and imperfectly beautiful.’

Fingernails should be dirty.

Paint should be splattered and smeared about.

Laughter and shrieks should echo.

Water should be splashed in, endlessly.

We should give our neighbours something to talk about, what with our tailgate parties and vegetable gardens instead of lawns.

There should be an endless supply of freezies, popsicles and ice-cream.

Watermelon should drip down chins and all over clothes without a worry.

Neighbourhood friendships betwixt children should flourish.

Hair should be sticky and tangled with sunscreen, sand, mud, paint and food.

Music. There should always be music.

These are all signs of a glorious day full of exploration, free play and release in the life of a young child.

During this, the season of summer…


#RealMamaLife is children at play. Messy and uncensored.

Set Them Free.

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Until the next. xo


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    Emily 21/05/2013

    Looking forward to a joint family Popsicle day

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